Growth Issues - Picky Eater Kid sample


Is your child’s growth on track?

We normally measure a child’s growth by how much he weighs. However, children nowadays consume a lot of empty calories which can lead to unhealthy weight gain. This is why experts believe that height is a better indicator of a healthy growth. A healthy gain in height signals effective functioning of bone and muscle tissues needed to support a child’s proper growth and development.4

For children to reach their maximum growth potential, it is a must that we measure AND monitor both their weight and height. Low scores may indicate a need to visit the pediatrician and ask for nutritional intervention.

Be Sure. Start Early.

Check the adequacy of food or nutritional supplement you give to your child. To be sure, give PediaSure Plus, the only complete, balanced nutritional supplement clinically proven to help deliver visible growth in 8 weeks.1,2

Will your child reach his maximum growth potential when he reaches adulthood?
Use this Watch Me Grow Child Height Predictor to find out his
possible maximum height potential by 19 years-old.