1 out of 3 Filipino children have growth issues.1

Make sure your child isn't one of them

Growth Milestone

Growth Milestones - Good Appetite with PediaSure Plus

Growth Gap: MAPILI sa pagkain

Does your child show these behaviors every meal time?

  • Refusing to open his mouth when fed
  • Disliking certain food because of the look, smell, or taste
  • Having a small appetite despite intake of various types of food
  • Crying at the sight of food
  • Preferring to play rather than eat

If you’ve observed any of these, you might have a picky eater at home! When your child frequently loses his appetite and eats less, his health may be at risk due to inadequate intake of nutritious food. But don’t worry! You can turn meal times into family bonding times where your child can see his parents and siblings enjoying their food. Supplement meals with PediaSure Plus, which can help improve appetite, increase his physical activity and fill in nutritional gaps.

Growth Milestones - Good Appetite with PediaSure Plus

Growth Goal: MAGANA sa pagkain

Providing proper nutrition can be quite a challenge to many parents. It is very important to encourage your child to develop healthy eating habits at an early age to maximize his growth and development. Make sure to include a reliable growth supplement milk in your child’s diet. It has 37 vital growth nutrients to help your child:

  • Improve his appetite and food intake
  • Build a stronger immune system
  • Maximize his growth potential
  • Reach the ideal height and weight for his age
  • Become more physically fit and mentally active
  • Be able to engage in more activities with her peers

Another easy tip to improve his food intake? Give him chocolate-flavored PediaSure Plus! Don’t let your child get left behind. Go for a growth supplement milk with complete nutrients; go for PediaSure Plus!

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