1 out of 3 Filipino children have growth issues.1

Make sure your child isn't one of them

Growth Issues

Growth Issues - Underweight kids

Growth Gap: MAPAYAT na katawan

Worried that your child might be underweight? Use our weight and height calculator or consult your child’s pediatrician to know if she’s on the right track! If your child is underweight for her age, it may be caused by various factors such as:

  • lack of nutritious food intake
  • medical conditions

These factors that affect growth may limit your kid from developing her full potential and hinder her from joining physical activities with her peers. Don’t wait for your child to become underweight. Healthy nutrition ensures that your kid will grow strong and on-track, so encourage her to develop healthy eating habits by serving three balanced meals a day. Complement her meals with PediaSure Plus, the growth supplement milk that provides complete nutrition for your child!

Growth Milestones - Weight Gain with PediaSure Plus

Growth Goal: MALUSOG na timbang

Maximize your child's growth potential by providing her with complete, balanced diet enhanced with the #1 growth supplement milk, PediaSure Plus. It is packed with 37 vital growth nutrients and has 40% more energy than regular milk to help your child achieve:

  • faster and healthier weight gain in just 8 weeks
  • effective growth and function of muscle tissues
  • the ideal weight for her age

Don’t just settle for regular kids milk. For maximum growth potential, choose PediaSure Plus.

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