1 out of 3 Filipino children have growth issues.1

Make sure your child isn't one of them

Growth Issues

Growth Issues - Sickly Kid

Growth Gap: MAHINA ang resistensya

Did you know that your child being sickly is also a growth gap? When he’s often sick, it means that he might have low immunity. It’s time to reconsider his diet and nutrition if he is experiencing any of these signs:

  • is absent in school almost monthly
  • gets easily tired and weak, and is often matamlay
  • doesn’t want to play because he feels ill from the common colds or flu

Your child might be more prone to getting sick for several reasons, such as:

  • exposure to unclean surroundings
  • weak immune system
  • lack of vitamins and minerals in her diet

If your child keeps getting sick, his opportunities to learn and grow decrease, too. The good news? You can help improve your child’s immunity by providing him with healthy nutrition that can help strengthen him so that his growth is not hindered. Start by giving your child a growth supplement milk like PediaSure Plus that complements his healthy diet to deliver complete nutrition.

Growth Milestones - Boost immunity for growth with PediaSure Plus

Growth Goal: MALAKAS ang resistensya

To increase your child’s resistance against sickness, don’t just settle for regular kids milk! PediaSure Plus has 37 vital growth nutrients and a Unique Symbiotic Blend of Probiotics and Prebiotics to help strengthen your child’s immunity so his:

  • growth and development are on-track
  • energy is not compromised
  • opportunities to gain better experiences with friends and classmates are increased

Go for a growth supplement milk like PediaSure Plus that provides complete nutrition and enhances your child’s healthy diet to make him stronger and less sickly

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